Most architects that I know of grew up playing with building blocks, sketching and doodling where ever they felt like it or fantasizing of their first eccentric high-rise building. But to tell you the truth I wanted to be a framer or to be something similar to and agriculturist and from the very beginning I was a fan of Mother Nature!


Nevertheless I found my calling! My true passion in architecture! After doing my masters in sustainable architecture, I have being promoting green and ecofriendly architecture design and methodology, subsequently designing projects that are ecological and follow principals of sustainable designs!


Inconsolably I found that there is high need of education in this area as societies and communities are not fully aware of the undeniable ecological catastrophe that we are in. Which is why I started to organize educational seminars and workshops not only for aspiring architects but also the general masses, so that individuals can take right decisions and apply proper planning in there design and construction /consumption behavior.


I hope that I can motivate and inspire enough people to make  a sustainable earth for future generations  and  I would  love to hear from you,  thought & concerns and any questions that you may have


Let me know !